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With arthritis creeping in I am inclined to slowly reduce my straight razor collection. It hurts to get old. 

Here are two exceptional razors that will please the newbie as well as the pro. Although the razors come with signs of age — little patina, a few nicks and scratches — they are in fine shape. The pins are tight and the blades close center. The tips are muted (rounded).Both are fabulous shavers, and are shave ready. The price include U.S. shipping. Paypal is fine. No trades, please.

Wade & Butcher 6/8. I think the scales are in horn. $85  $75. (SOLD)
Garibaldi 6/8. From what I understand, the razor was made by Wusthof for the Italian market. $65  $55

[Image: y3Kv0II.jpg][Image: ySGJYO3.jpg][Image: OWsS1ub.jpg][Image: W5KTZgJ.jpg]

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I have reduced the prices on these two sweet shavers. Whether a newbie or a pro, you can never go wrong with a well-honed Wade & Butcher. As for the Garibaldi, it’s a little known razor, but the shave is superb.
Good evening Obie - I’ll be happy to buy the W&B please
Thanks, my friend. I apologize for the late response. I go to bed early, and get up early. Personal message sent.
The Wade & Butcher is sold. The Garibaldi is still available. The Garibaldi is rare, and it is lovely shaver.

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