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Hey guys! Looking to move a few brushes today that aren't getting enough love.

1. Alpha Brushworks x Voigt & Cop VC01 28mm ($230) - This is a collaboration brush between Alpha Brushworks and Italian artisan Voigt & Cop. Steve supplied the handle, and then sent it off to Alessandro to be fitted with one of his hand-tied silvertip knots (a.k.a. VC01). Although untreated, the hair is meticulously sorted and very soft, with maybe a hint of scrub. Looking to move it purely because my preferences lie more with two-band. Comes with the pouch provided by Alpha.

2. Leonidam "Black Lotus" HD Fan 28mm ($205) - I've always been enamored with Davide's handles, and this one was no exception. His resins absolutely pop in hand, and you can only really appreciate the intricacies of the pours in person. This one sort of reminded me of a badass graffiti tag, or something you'd see in a modern art exhibit. The black canvas really allows the accompanying colors to come to life. The knot itself I requested set at 48mm and with silicone rather than epoxy. It is quite gelly and dense, but lower on the backbone spectrum, and splays more easily than is my preference. If desired, I imagine one would be able to pull the knot and re-set it, or replace it with a knot of their choosing. Comes with the original magnetic box.

All brushes are shipped CONUS. Please pm if you have any further questions. Thanks for looking!

[Image: BfJXkdL.jpg]

[Image: EKg30N7.jpg]

[Image: HIgli2m.jpg]

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Sorry for the formatting issues. If anyone can let me know how to get rid of the subscript, I'd appreciate it Big Grin

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(07-19-2021, 04:13 PM)jpq3366 Wrote: Sorry for the formatting issues. If anyone can let me know how to get rid of the subscript, I'd appreciate it Big Grin

I'm guessing you copy and pasted from another listing on another forum and that's the issue. It's a matter of retyping it all and I know you did not want to hear that lol

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You may be able to paste it into like word and then recopy it?

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when you paste hit paste as plain text. and amazing brushes glwts.

[Image: tQI2oBB.png]

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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Are we selling the Paladin?
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I was selling the Paladin, yes, but it was purchased a couple of days ago.

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