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Clearing out a bunch of nice user grade razors and lightly used artisan soaps. Photos of everything are available here. U.S. Shipping is free.


I have cleaned and disinfected all these razors and done what I can to make them a little prettier. I can include a few blades to go with any of these razors at your request for no charge except for the Swee-do.

Take all 6 remaining razors as a lot: $45 including shipping and a few DE, SE and injector blades

Gillette Flare-tip Superspeed Z3 (1954) - Has a lazy door but working better since being cleaned and lubed. Holds a blade tight and even when closed. Some plate loss but decent user grade. $10

SOLD Gillette Flare-tip Superspeed B1 (1956) - User grade but generally better than the Z3. Much less plate loss, mechanism works flawlessly. $14 SOLD

SOLD Schick Krona M5 (1965-66) - Really nice condition! Minor blemish on one of the doors, does not even really show up in the photos. $14 SOLD

Gold Ball-end Gillette Tech (1940s) - A lot of plating left on the handle and baseplate, but the top of the top cap is devoid of plating and has a few flea bites. But very shiny! Nice user grade condition and the color contrast between the baseplate and top cap actually looks pretty cool. $16

Swee-Do open comb razor (1930s) - I dated this razor to the 1930s based on newspaper ads for it. Not much info on this odd bird. Takes proprietary blades, but looks like regular DE blades could be modified without too much trouble (e.g. with a hole punch to make the middle hole bigger). Really a cool looking razor and in pretty good condition except for the top cap, which has a lot of plate loss but did clean up pretty nicely. The handle is practically flawless except for a very small barrel crack, can't even really see it in photos. The handle can be used with modern heads as long as the top cap has a fairly long bolt. For example, I was able to use it with a current Maggard OC head. $5 (Because of the low price and because I'm offering free shipping, the Swee-Do is only available as an add-on if you're purchasing at least one other item.)

GEM Pushbutton SE razor (1960s, possibly late 50s) - On the smooth and mild end of the spectrum for SEs. Pushbutton mechanism works great. It does show it's age but generally in pretty decent condition. $10

Schick/Eversharp Type I2 Hydro-Magic injector razor (1955-58) - The Type I is a great combination of efficiency and smoothness. The Hydro-Magic lever functions perfectly, but there is some plate loss here and there. $16

Schick/Eversharp Type J2 injector razor (1958-64) - Same smooth, efficient head as a Type I (as far as I can tell) but on a longer handle. Decent user grade condition. There is a small chip out of the top of plastic handle on the underside, but just cosmetic. $10

Artisan Shaving Soap Lot: $25 including shipping for the three remaining soaps

Or the following prices for each:
  • SOLD Catie's Bubbles Menage a Lavande (new formula) (used 1x): $15 SOLD
  • Chiseled Face Sherlock (90%): $12
  • Razorock Mudder Focker (75%): $7
  • SOLD Mickey Lee Soapworks Reunion (used 1x): $14 SOLD
  • Stirling Ozark Mountain (95%): $10

Again, U.S. Shipping is free. For shipping outside U.S., contact me and we'll figure it out. Payment via PayPal. I will consider all trade offers.

Photos of everything are available here.

Thanks for looking!

"No one wants advice, only corroboration." -John Steinbeck
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Bump! Marked a few items sold and really reduced the lot prices. If you want the remaining razor lot and the remaining soap lot together I will cut you a crazy deal.

Open to trade offers as well.

"No one wants advice, only corroboration." -John Steinbeck
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What's the story on the fat handle tech pictured?

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(03-31-2016, 05:03 AM)redrider_99 Wrote: What's the story on the fat handle tech pictured?

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I put this stuff up for sale on a couple different forums, and the fat handled tech sold right away, before I even got the ad up here on DFS. So I didn't even list it.

"No one wants advice, only corroboration." -John Steinbeck

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