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Hello everyone,
I have various razors I’m looking to move on. Shipping is $5 conus. I’ll ship anywhere overseas but it is paid by the buyer and will need to determine at the end. I’ll combine shipping locally. Payment via PayPal.
I have more photos
If you are having trouble pm me please email me at

Techmatic w/ new cart $15 - SPF
Acrylic stand $10
Gillette no 58 $120 - SOLD
Gillette old type w case $25
Flare tip $10
Flare tip $10
Flare tip $10
Goodwill $25
Gold Milord $25
Injectors (paired)$30
Micromatics ($30)
2-1912, shovel head ($30)
[Image: tIqgM5m.jpg]
[Image: 9RwGnDH.jpg]
[Image: 4j5HD8I.jpg][Image: v3CTfXo.jpg]
[Image: ApWJNFd.jpg][Image: bVof8Ay.jpg][Image: mDfBaxK.jpg][Image: 7V4vdHB.jpg][Image: pLyya6x.jpg]

[Image: R9sCmu1.jpg][Image: JTJSWOY.jpg][Image: cEfw0tJ.jpg]

[Image: NfaZWxn.jpg][Image: 4iVTPrJ.jpg][Image: 0zF6pPq.jpg]
Just emailed you for the adjustable razor.
Let make a deal gents

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