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Hello Peeps,
Its been awhile since I’ve posted. Raising funds for a pending divorce. Please see photos of each razor. Payment via Paypal and Shipping is $6 each. If my prices are off please let me know.

- Aristocrat OC No15 - 150
Razor looks good, it is need of a tuneup as one side is slightly open and its a little snug opening and closing
- Aristocrat No15 - $100 - SOLD
The razor looks great and has a great shine. It opens and closes without issue and mechanically sound. The case is ok, closes as it should but the interior isnt so great.

- Aristocrat No77 - $135
The razor is mechanically sound but needs to be cleaned and polished. The case looks great inside and out and closes as it should BUT, there is a tear and could be fixed with some glue. I will let the new owner do that.

- Gillette No88 RFB - $105
Razor has some plate loss and would be great candidate for a re-plate slightly bent tooth. Case looks good but doesn’t have the spring to it. Interior looks great. 
[Image: LE4i6jh.jpg][Image: VBBiSLo.jpg][Image: JzmEXrL.jpg][Image: VjsoJ9v.jpg][Image: C0u3htO.jpg][Image: FPxSFPQ.jpg][Image: Bne9cgq.jpg][Image: 6fMLQQf.jpg][Image: 9CZfsqc.jpg][Image: lYVFFmp.jpg][Image: 4FsdGbm.jpg][Image: 36kDjzx.jpg][Image: UBa1LwJ.jpg][Image: XqET2kT.jpg]

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