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Some various vintage offerings for you all today as I need to slime down the den (and also the wife wants a puppy so need the funds ?)

If I'm out on price let me know as I'm trying to remember how much these cost me at the time.

Price includes UK postage will ship worldwide for cost

May do deals on multiple items.

Listed elsewhere

Gem Damaskeene - £45
Herbert Robinson - £25
Ever Ready 1924 (celluloid case) - £20
Rare Dorko SE Wedge , comes with spare handle, top cap, two wedges - £75
King Oscillator as new - £50
Gillette RFB #77 great candidate for plating - £55
French SE (case says leresche Razor says Le francais) - £30
Le Coq SE - £45
Doma SE (complete with wedges) - £60
Boxed WS Sticky - £50

[Image: kxIZxE7.jpeg][Image: DYsIjH4.jpeg][Image: RXDatU8.jpeg][Image: q04L2FV.jpeg][Image: 2FWvh93.jpeg][Image: bLHD03C.jpeg][Image: 4TeVtUL.jpeg][Image: E8RuS5o.jpeg][Image: IsjdvuC.jpeg][Image: 5smEyjA.jpeg]

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More pics [Image: qU3zk0P.jpeg][Image: TeJLbRs.jpeg]

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