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I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
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Its time I got rid of the things I dont use, but am keeping just because they're rare

Payment with G&S (+5% has been added to totals)

Prices *include* CONUS tracked Shipping

*RR P160 Trifecta: while the scent isnt rare, that splash CERTAINLY is! (50% on splash) (soap/balm unused)- 32$

*Aventus-ish 4-piece Set: balm (used 2-3×) and soap used (1x) are a dime a dozen, but the beard/shave oil is scented with Captain's Reserve and is the only one made. The splash is incredibly hard to find in this bottle, was released by BWW in collab with Shave Revolution before their closing. I havebt seen one used in a SOTD pic in a long time (used 1x)- 53$ (shipping is a bit higher because of bottle's size/shape)

*Captain's Choice Bay Rum cream (used 1x) and Anne Bonny splash (used 1x): 21.50$

[Image: L3Qelhv.jpg]
So if you want to pay with G&S the prices are 5% higher?

I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
San Antonio, TX
Sorry for the confusion. No, the 5% has already been added to the totals because DFS has forbade the selling of items with F&F. I was just trying to let people know that the 5% was already on there. I'll clarify!

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