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Good Afternoon Gentlemen,  
I would like to offer you the chance to own a one of a kind shaving brush. These are hand made in Michigan by my brother in his spare time. The silvery ones are solid aluminum, while the light brassy one is solid bronze. It will gain a unique patina over time - sure to become an heirloom. The darker one has an aluminum core with a bronze sheath that has already produced a patina of its own. This one has the beauty of bronze with a lighter weight. None of these is unwieldy, though. All of them accept a 22mm knot. I have one knot left and it's a nice silvertip badger, that is not set in any of the handles.
The Simpson is shown for scale.

The largest Aluminum handle and the knot have been sold.

Pricing: the aluminum handles can be had for $25 shipped alone, or $30 with the knot.
The bronze one is $35 shipped alone or $40 with the knot.
The hybrid is $50 shipped alone or $55 with the knot.
International shipping at cost.

Some vendors have recently released inexpensive synthetic knots that would look and perform great with any of these handles. I can talk you through how to set the knot of your choice into any of these beautiful handles.  PM with interest or questions.
[Image: 0b74d394a7b94bb54ed05b8be4ed6626.jpg]
[Image: 56dedaf602a5920c7398435a8a47d0e2.jpg]

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Metro Detroit
The large aluminum handle and knot are sold!

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