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For sale this two brushes

Élite Razor Gold Onyx Oumo SHD Fan 120 $-27x49mm
Geoff Anderson GA7 Shavemac Unique 140$ 26x51mm.Amber&Cocobolo wood SOLD

Shipping included from Spain with track number
PayPal for payment

Thanks for looking [Image: 39383880a6bf2e7ba2a5ea57453ae02c.jpg][Image: d0b80fc8197206d0fe2f04979c51c59c.jpg][Image: b9f5dd5a096a4639aeaa2b322fed5082.jpg][Image: 65ccfcda5ad83d7fb4a113d5f0479949.jpg][Image: 7edd91aa4e0bfff8562b051767088c86.jpg][Image: 12be8b4c2889bc5f33dade96d52404f8.jpg]

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Geoff Anderson is SOLD, Elite Razor Gold Onyx is still available.

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