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I have a treasure of razors, both straight and safety, that I don’t get a chance to use that much. All are in superb shape, and I have priced them to go. The price includes U.S. shipping. Paypal is fine. No trades, please. 

Feather AC SS in Scotch wood. I have used this two or three times. Good looking and a great shaver. $110. (SOLD)
[Image: Y1C7l1G.jpg]

Otto Fromm Red Head 11/16. This is a gorgeous razor and a superb shaver. In excellent shape, too. The pins are tight and the blade closes center. $120
[Image: r3L19OE.jpg]

Bengall 5/8. All original parts. This is an incredible shaver. Pins are tight and the blade closes center. $75
[Image: 7vS1tTv.jpg]

RazorRock Hawk-V3. I think this is the titanium handle. New, the razor is priced around $72. Your price is $50. (SOLD)
[Image: 7ZYRqSH.jpg]

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