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Brand New Polished Titanium Timeless Razor with Stand and Extra Handle. 

Cap:  Scallop polished
Base Plate:  Scalloped polished
Blade Gap:  0.95mm
Handle: Titanium Spiral 14mm x 85mm
Base: Polished titanium

Extra handle: Titanium Crown 14mm x 90 mm, polished

  1. $375 USD razor with stand, plus shipping
  2. $70 extra handle, plus shipping
  3. $445 for the set (items 1 and 2 above) with FREE Shipping for CONUS or Canada.

Shipped in original packaging via USPS (USA) or Canada Post (Canada) with tracking number

[Image: Gje0Sov.jpeg][Image: 44tTpdh.jpeg][Image: nlAtQEu.jpeg][Image: BXA9wWE.jpeg][Image: DpziVgA.jpeg][Image: mcU3bSU.jpeg]

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