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I'm selling my Timor 1350 Closed Comb Safety Razor. The razor has a 3.9 inch/100mm, 4.2 Oz/119grams stainless steel handle and chrome plated razor head. Price dropped: 50$ shipped

It is a mild razor and gives a very nice shave. I'm selling it because it's not getting used much. It's been taken good care of, there are no marks, dents etc. and the razor comes in its original box with 10 Timor razor blades.

[font=Arial]The razor has been washed with isopropyl alcohol.[/font]

[font=Arial]Please feel free to contact me with any questions.[/font]

[font=Arial]55$ shipped CONUS and paypal is fine.[/font]

[font=Arial][Image: KA98goa.jpg][Image: 0ZqecME.jpg][Image: A9KxnO9.jpg][/font]

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