scentless shaver
Oakland, ME
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For Sale is a three brush set, pictured below.

UPDATED PRICES: 40% off retail, as I have been treated well on this forum and I like you folks! Cool

On the left is a Whipped Dog Silvertip badger in a burgundy handle. It has a 22mm knot set at Larry’s standard depth.  This big and soft brush is 4 inches tall, and the handle is 1 7/8 inches. New in mid-January, the cost was $32.  Used three times, and has no odor.  Will sell separately for $27 $20.

In the middle is a Whipped Dog boar brush, 24mm knot set 5mm deeper, making this a short and stout little guy, scrubby but not scratchy! Overall height is 3 7/8 inches with an almost 2 inch burgundy handle (1 15/16 by my trusty ruler). I test lathered it about 6 times and the tips are starting to split. This brush will need to continue its break in period.  New at the end of January, the cost was $26. Again, I detected no odor at all on this brush.  Will sell separately for $21 $16.

On the right is an Omega S-10005 synthetic brush. I believe the knot is 24mm, and the overall height is 4 ¼ inches, with a 2 ¼ inch beech handle. Nice soft brush, very pleasant to use, and I used it probably 24 times since early December 2015. New cost was $10. Will sell separately for $5.

I have too many brushes already, and so will let these three go as a nice set of three different types of brushes for $50 $40shipping included for CONUS, other destinations will be considered if buyer helps with shipping.

[Image: huKbHzu.jpg]

[Image: QFChcAs.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
- Eric. What, am I done shaving already? Nuts, now I gotta wait again...

scentless shaver
Oakland, ME
Prices reduced to say Thank You to forum, as I have been treated kindly and have been enjoying my time on these boards.
- Eric. What, am I done shaving already? Nuts, now I gotta wait again...

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