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I took several pictures to try and capture the very unique marbling and color range that this black peacock blank had. Vladimir did a fantastic job on the handle and Romera's Manchurian knots are fantastic. Ultra-soft tips combined with very stiff backbone make it a face lathering dream.

I am selling because I've found 22-24mm to be my perfect brush size and this is just outside that for me. It has been gently used since the day I got it. Always dried 2+ days between uses, never soaked in warmer than lukewarm water, and only lathered with painting strokes.

I paid $115 all-in, and so I'm asking $100 for it. Includes USPS Priority Mail shipping, happy to add on Signature Confirmation or ship internationally at cost.

Knot - ~27mm (26mm plug, measured at hilt)
Loft - ~54mm (measured from base to top-center of knot)

[Image: ZaMaMQZ.jpg]

[Image: j13j7Xa.jpg]

[Image: 2nFV5ti.jpg]

[Image: yj60h1X.jpg]

[Image: 3LzAgU7.jpg]

[Image: NdEBXog.jpg]

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