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Add $4 for any/all CONUS shipping

Mozingo Leftovers 26mm (jewel shape) - $50 - SOLD
Dogwood blue/white 30mm - $50 - SOLD 

Oumo SHD Chubby Manchurian bulb 26mm (usd 1x) - $30 - SOLD
FS Pur-Tec 30mm (Muhle STF fibers) - $25
FS Pur-Tec 28mm (Muhle STF fibers) new- $25

**If you want to buy a handle & knot, I can set the knot if you'd like me to**

THB Galleon (90%) - $20 -SOLD 
Extro Cosmei Freddo - $17

[Image: M5rVG7X.jpg]
I will take THB Galleon if you want to ship to Ontario Canada

Sorry, Galleon is sold
Pic of the Mozingo handle with the SHD knot...I can set the knot and sell the complete brush for $75 shipped CONUS

[Image: b2Rt1jo.jpg]

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Will sell both synth knots for $45 shipped. Expensive for synthetic knots, but that's two for less than one @ retail for these Muhle STF fiber knots.

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