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Prices include shipping and PayPal fees.  CONUS only please.  

Pix 1 and 2:  Five Wild West Brushworks brushes with various knots.  To the best of my knowledge, the white handle has never had a knot installed (i'm the 2nd owner and I received it with no knot).  $25/brush or take all 5 for $100 (OBO)

Pic 3:  Two Grizzly Bay Brushes (green one does not have a coin) - $25/brush or both for $40 (OBO)  The other 2 brushes are Knothead and both have some damage to to the wood.  It seems like the lacquer is fading/peeling.  $25/brush

Pic 4:  Shave Revolution synthetic: $20

Pic 5:  A couple of knots (i think they are 30mm).  Each knot is a $5 add-on.  North Shore Razors brush with 30mm Motherlode knot - $40 (OBO).  Muhle Synthetic (i think it's a 21 or 22mm) - $25

Pic 6:  Couple of AP Shave Co brushes and two Maggard Razors brushes.  Selling as a lot for $30 (obo)

Take everything for $215

Willing to trade for a Karve Overlander stand or Chatillon Lux AS/Toners.

[Image: KVj9y5i.jpg]

[Image: YK6z1KU.jpg]

[Image: cAV6FMk.jpg]

[Image: WDCne1e.jpg]

[Image: dPUiQjh.jpg]

[Image: 07Ewm1A.jpg]

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