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*** South Florida Wet Shavers teams up with Stirling Soap Co. to support First Responders and their Families ***

SFWS and Stirling Soap Co. have partnered together to benefit Responders 4 Life, an Orlando-based 501©3 charity tasked to benefit the physical and mental well-being of first responders and their families.

Stirling and SFWS are proud to support an organization dedicated to giving back to the people who dedicate their lives to protecting ours: firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, rescuers, soldiers and police officers.

This is a VERY special offering: every cent of profit goes directly to Responders 4 Life. After the cost of production, EXCLUDING labor (Rod and Mandy are working for free on this one, as is SFWS), $22 of every set sold gets donated in full.

The scent profile is after a fragrance enjoyed by many a man’s man: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. “While this scent is predominantly vetiver (as the name implies), it also boasts fresh citrus and woodsy notes which are rounded out by oakmoss and amber base notes.”

Please note: Because of the charitable nature of this project, and to simplify its administration, R4L will only be available as a set. Further, supply of R4L will be strictly limited to something on the order of 400 sets (sets will not be numbered). The ultimate amount available will depend on Rod and Mandy, who as I mentioned are working for free here, and who are expecting their 2nd child any day now. So this release marks a double-celebration of sorts.

To learn more about R4L and its mission, visit here: https://responders4life.com/

To proudly support this amazing organization (and get some killer software to boot!), visit here:

Please consider sharing the links above with all of your friends, family and colleagues.

South Florida Wet Shavers, Stirling Soap Co. and Responders 4 Life thank you for supporting the people who so selflessly support us all![Image: b43d56b236f7ae57e8f086c561feb382.jpg]

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Just ordered a set. Thanks for posting and giving us a heads up!
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Do we have an idea of when this might ship? Ordered a set but got some travel planned so just trying to make sure I’ve got it covered.

Never mind, just got an email saying it had just shipped.

Just awesome service.

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It should ship asap they have already been produced

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Philadelphia, PA
very cool!
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North Texas
Ordered, also...
Awesome thanks everyone so far let's keep this going and sell all of the sets

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I've stickied the thread so it doesn't get bumped down to the 2nd page.

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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Купил комплект , жду пока доедет .

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Suum cuique

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