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Looking to unload some nice products that get no use! Buy both and take $5 off the total.

LOT #1 - AOS Peppermint Cream Dipped On Top 1 Time (Never Lathered & Comes In Original Box) / Roughly 95% Myrsol Formula K Aftershave Lotion - $46 Shipped FINAL PRICE

LOT #2 - Fantastic Condition Black Beauty / 10 Feather Blades - $50 Shipped FINAL PRICE

LOT #3 - Strop Shoppe Baker Street Soap used 4-5 times / Strop Shoppe 221B (baker street) Aftershave 95%+ - $37 shipped FINAL PRICE

[Image: 1zLgbz7.jpg]

[Image: CzzYtvl.jpg]

[Image: d9DsQIW.jpg]
What's the date code on the black beauty?
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Date Code: S 1.

I have a ton of pictures of the Beauty, please email me if you want more pictures.
What does the tundra smell like? Does the splash match the soap scent wise pretty well?

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identical to my nose.

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Please post higher quality pics of the Black Beauty
If you are interested, send me a PM and I will send you pictures. I didn't want a ton of pictures cluttering up the Thread. Thank you.
I think we would all like to see those pics.
Your thoughts have been noted. Thank you.
Still for sale.

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