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Dear Fellow DFShavers,

I would like to offer for sale a few straight razors that I do not use any longer - Lately I was "learning" about DEs and SEs... Below is a collective picture and if you would be interested, please PM me and I will send you individual photos of the razor(s) of your interest and will provide more details. All prices include delivery within CONUS.

Razor 1: Vintage "The Diamond" Extra Hollow Ground, Fully Warranted. 5/8 By Dimond Razor Co, Boston, MA. I purchased it NOS, honed it and used a couple of times. Comes with box. $78 $68

Razor 2 and 3: Vintage ERN 204 Crown and Sword, by ERN Solingen. 5/8 hollow ground. I purchased them NOS, honed once and used a couple of times. Each $126 $115 or both for $230 $209. I will include one original box.

Razor 4: Contemporary Filarmonica Corte Cabello. 4/8 hollow ground. I purchased it new for $129. It was one of my first razors that I honed. It shaves well, but it ended up having uneven bevel and uneven hone wear, hence it is heavily discounted! $66 $56 no box.
Razor 5: Contemporary Thiers Issard 6/6 (hollow ground) for Art of Shaving. SS handle. Purchased it o eBay for $110 used. I polished out the sign on the blade, refreshed the edge and shaved a few times. It has an uneven bevel, but it was this way when I purchased it. $78 $70 Come with its original leather sleeve.

Thank you for your interest!

[Image: ydIxnbi.jpg]
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