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For sale are 11 different Stirling Soap sample pucks with 6 tins.  Each soap sample is just over 1oz and should be enough to last for about 12-14 shaves on average. 

Ozark Mountain - Used 4 or 5 times.  Smells like evergreen trees, mountain breeze, and peppery spice.  One of my favorite scents.
Barbershop - Used 2 times.  This is a very popular scent, on the sweeter/sugary side of barbershop. 
Stirling Spice - This was a full size 4.5oz puck, a little less than half of that is left (around 2oz).  If you are looking for a vintage Old Spice scent, this is it.
Margaritas in the Arctic - Used 2 times.  This is a mentholated soap that smells exactly like a lime margarita.  Very nice smelling soap.
Executive Man - Used 1 time.  This is a Creed Aventus dupe, very nice cologne-type scent.
Vanilla Sandalwood - Never used.  Nice smelling scent, exactly as name implies.  Just not my thing.
Bay Rum - Never used.  I'm not a huge Bay Rum fan, but this is one of the more popular bay rum scents available.
Sharp Dressed Man - Used 1 time.  This is a Green Irish Tweed dupe, another very nice cologne-type scent.
Tea Tree - Never used.  Tea tree oil smells a little like menthol or eucalyptus.  Very faint medicinal property that is very soothing, also supposed to be a great antiseptic.
Coniferous - Never used.  Smells like cedarwood and pine, not so much evergreen but more like freshly cut wood.
Scots Pine Sheep - Never used.  Slight pine scent, very soothing.  This is made from mutton tallow instead of beef tallow.

Price for the whole lot is $30 shipped to CONUS addresses.  Paypal preferred.

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