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Vancouver, WA USA
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Take all six brushes for $90 shipped US.

I have come to the realization that restoring brushes just isn't an activity that I have time to do.  Therefore I will be offering up several brushes that I bought with that intended purpose.  I am selling these at or less than what I acquired them for in order to sell quickly.  There will not be any price reductions, but I will offer a $5 discount for each additional brush purchased after the first.  Some of the brushes will be usable as is, some will benefit from a new knot and others will probably be best suited as display pieces.  I will give a description of each brush to the best of my ability.  Prices include paypal fees and USPS 1st class postage, international buyers are welcome, PM me for a shipping quote.  

[Image: oDB04DK.jpg][Image: tYoqlx4.jpg][Image: QkLFUDV.jpg][Image: juBkDVP.jpg][Image: jIoiJ45.jpg][Image: 2Sw85Ds.jpg]

From left to right in all pictures:  ($5 off each additional brush purchased after the first)

Simpson C1 Pure Bristle:  Small crack at top of handle above the lettering (see 1st pic), the crack is stable and has not increased in size even after several uses.  The knot is in good shape and an excellent and inexpensive way to experience the uncommon Simpson bristle brush.  Knot measures 23mm in diameter with a 46mm loft.  $27

Boots Pure Bristle:  Excellent condition mid-20th Century brush, likely unused.  The boots decal is a bit worn.  Knot measures 22mm in diameter with a 46mm loft.  $25

Culmak Super Celsit:  Early 20th Century badger brush made of "Celsit".  Celsit was a trademarked plastic made by Culmak and was advertised as unbreakable.  It feels lighter than Catalin, but I have never seen a crack on any of the Celsit brushes I own or have owned.  The handle is two-tone and the black top has faded a bit, the knot is in good condition being around a century old.  Knot measures 18x43mm. $31

Coates (Simpson) Pure Badger:  This may be the original Simpson Special handle design.  Coates was a brand that Simpson made brushes for and later acquired.  The handle is in excellent condition and the knot is in decent overall shape.  Knot measures 20x43mm. $45

Simpson Classic:  This handle has several surface cracks indicating it was likely stored in an area that saw extreme temperatures.  The cracks do not go through the handle though.  I would recommend this as a display piece, though perhaps the more adventurous could try to seal the handle and replace the worn out knot.  Knot measures 21x42mm.  $20

Kent C23 Real Badger:  Another mid-century, early plastic handled brush.  The knot is very similar to vintage Simpson Best.  The handle has some minor scratches and scuffs and the decal is partially worn.  Knot measures: 22x57mm.  $35

Vancouver, WA USA
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