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I got this Supply Pro, Injector style, adjustable razor earlier this year. It is just not for me, I like the AC format better.
The razor is matte chrome and the stand polished chrome (wife thought it may not look so dull as the all matte version...). I also include a pack of Schick injector blades, the razor came with a small box of blades as well and there might be some 5 or so left.
The set is $75 and I pay shipping.
PM me here or email (ultimatependesigns@comcast.net)

[Image: 5G6RQV0.jpg][Image: zvn0Wmq.jpg]

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Sorry for the typo, I was meaning to say Stand....not stad
SOLD pending funds

Chester County, PA
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Hi Rudy,

If you go back to the original posting and do a full edit you can close it yourself by marking it as sold where it was originally wanted to sell.  

Stay well my friend!

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