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I am finding myself gravitating to only a few soaps and splashes now, after a rather expansive period of trying out anything that sounded good (oftentimes via lot purchases much like this one!)  Trying to spread the love at a decent price.

Max use of any soaps is maybe 3 (most were scooped, a couple brush loaded), except Le Tabac which I received second hand and looks maybe 3/4 - 2/3 full.

I don't really want to break the lot up - I'd rather just make one trip to the UPS store.

I'm not looking to trade, but would be willing to drop the price some to trade for a LaVanille soap and splash in the previous topographic design.

Asking $100 90 $80 (a bit more for shipping and PP fees would be appreciated).

In all it's 10 soaps and 4 splashes

B&M Beadelaire soap and splash (brush loaded once, I don't think I ever used the splash)
B&M Cheshire soap and splash (used a couple times)
B&M Paganini's Violin 2 x soap and 1 splash (never opened)
DG Trismegistus soap (never used) and splash (used once to try)
2 x Murpy and McNeil Old Sport soap (bought from somebody on this forum - look tobe barely used)
Lothur tears soap (scooped a couple times)
GD Le Tabac (previous owner looks to have left 2/3-3/4 or so)
Stirling Ozark soap (never used)

More info available upon request

[Image: clvbF7e.jpg] $

[Image: t1M9zTd.jpg]
  [Image: Hdvp49i.jpg]  [Image: g6ARb2Z.jpg][Image: Ygkelwi.jpg][Image: 9CGeTmA.jpg][Image: b2ToNnt.jpg][Image: mDLQIYB.jpg][Image: Gu7JYyK.jpg]

[Image: wJNsnaE.jpg][Image: 978IMec.jpg][Image: FK1ja3p.jpg][Image: rotbNJz.jpg][Image: eWuxrv1.jpg]

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