Elizabethtown, KY
These are my top 2 Soap Commander scents, but I'm only using unscented soaps now so these have to go. The Courage is 95% and the Endurance is at least 80%. Great soaps if you've never tried Soap Commander, one of my favorites. I also highly recommend their after shave balms to match. $25 shipped to CONUS addresses.

I will also trade for Stirling Nake & Smooth plus some cash.

[Image: 2015-08-05%2017.28.28_zpsugbtrrrt.jpg]

[Image: 2015-08-05%2017.29.17_zpsops5wawn.jpg]

[Image: 2015-08-05%2017.29.54_zpssyuoal1s.jpg]

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