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Saponificio Varesino Felce Aromatica special edition tin and standard matching splash used just once , retails for $80 before tax & shipping.

$50 shipped. SOLD

Santa Maria Novella soap and splash set used just once , retails for $136 before tax & shipping.

$90 shipped SOLD

Simpson “59” Manchurian super soft luxurious Manchurian knot , one of the best examples I have owned , lots of firm backbone despite being so soft at the tips. The loft on this one really allows the knot to perform very well lots of easy splay while staying together , lots of flow through. Used just a handful of times and is perfect in every way. There is one hair that sticks up longer than the others I left this alone as it does not effect anything , if undesired it could be removed but for me it’s part of the charm of owning a hand made item. Retail is on sale now for $235 before tax & shipping.

$190 shipped 

Random lot of nice items , Palmolive creams both new , La Toja splash , small blade assortment , bag of nylon washers I use to place between base plate and razor handle , and a Kent beard comb that makes for a great brush for the shave brushes. Retail before tax & shipping is around $50

I’ll throw in the Palmolive creams  , DE blades , La Toja splash , washers and comb lot to whomever purchases the brush!

[Image: 4ZorWTV.jpg][Image: Ju8SQGq.jpg][Image: Zp0nSlA.jpg][Image: OgJmxR4.jpg]

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Bump, brush sale will include the lot of extra gear (Bottom photo of OP) to whomever purchases the Simpson!

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The 59 is beautiful. Love the 59 handle. GLWTS.

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