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have a few items to sell and some really cheap add on's. All prices include shipping and please no fees.
[Image: IbujSJD.jpg][Image: BkGKysL.jpg][Image: YpHM8gf.jpg][Image: Qi4nRDb.jpg]

$20.00-Floyd Suave(90%),A &E Asian Plum (95%) and small sample of Wholly Kaw Feromone (90%)
$15.00-Stirling Green 3 oz tub of soap used once,soap and aftershave sample of Barbershop and Texas on fire both used once and new soap sample of arkadia.
$15.00- Menthol trio. Kramperts frost bite (60%),Yeti Snot (85%) and 444 balm (90%)
And please take a look at add on's 2.50 each:
K shave smell my face,Catties Bubble 2019 meet up,Omega tub of soap,HB matte texture powder.

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