DFS AMA with Chatillon Lux on June 4th, 2017. Read more here.

Today I'm offering a Simpsons Chubby 2 in 'best' quality.

The brush is in excellent+ condition and include the original box.

$119 shipped to the USA (sells new for $179 at Maggards)

Price is firm and no trades please

[Image: NxXpS6LvPyVnAb75nAyng6YwGD1D7N4lL22x-ulY...31-h887-no]

[Image: q2D_u0v3WvyJLhZWxjncpCU-XERbho1NYfQsC4Kq...31-h887-no]

[Image: sfD2uEnh8BZOvqkmjjV5dUSOo2bVJJE8fciewpSq...31-h887-no]

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