I am thinning out my brush collection a little.  I am selling the following brushes that are similar to other brushes in my collection.  Shipping & PayPal fees are included in my selling prices.

[Image: r0MUYUd.jpg]
Shavemac, 386, imitation horn resin, 27mm x 53mm (measured) Silvertip D01 2-Band fan shaped knot
Selling for $125 (new $195)

[Image: qdMz9sz.jpg]
Thater, 4125/2, imitation ivory resin, 27mm x 55mm (measured) 2-band finest fan shaped knot
Selling for $115 (new $165)

[Image: MYpa6FU.jpg]
Thater, TSN 5th Anniversary LE Fünf, butterscotch resin, 27mm x 56mm (measured) 2-band finest bulb shaped knot
Selling for $115 (new $165)

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