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The Shavecraft 102 head has only 2 shaves on it.  This was my second journey down the slant path, it ended in dismal fashion (much like the first journey).  There is not a single mark on the head or baseplate.

The Jurgen Hemple handle is the Gen 2 UFO in titanium (matte finish).  It is BRAND NEW.  It has never been attached to the head until these pics were taken.  There does appear to be a tiny scratch at the widest point, I believe it may have happened when I placed it in the drawer and it brushed against a razor stand.  Regardless, it has never been used.

$130 + shipping for both.  CONUS only.

BONUS: I will also include the original SS bulldog handle that came with Shavecraft + an UNUSED jar of Simpson's "Cafe Latte" shaving cream.  

FULL DISCLOSURE: I think they accidentally labeled it "cafe latte" at the factory, because it's unmistakably "Guiness Stout" scent.

[Image: NWPci0q.jpg]
[Image: h0MHmHh.jpg]
[Image: P1hKnjl.jpg]
[Image: KjaHMQl.jpg]
I'm new here, I need to make friends. Price drop to $100 + shipping

Boston, MA
Great shaver, just sold my exact same one w/ an original batch handle. Let your price ride buddy, there will definitely be a buyer there for you! GLWTS

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message sent. i'll take it.

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Items sold.

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