I have for your consideration the following (CONUS only):

Lot 1: Sapone Di Paolo Cremosa: Soap (MSRP $12.99) and ASB (MSRP) $11.99. I'll estimate that these have 90%+ remaining. $15 plus shipping of $5 (first class) or $7 (Priority).

Lot 2: NIB Tabac Refill Puck (MSRP $14.95 at West Coast Shaving), Strop Shoppe Vivace apx 80%+ remaining (MSRP $17.99, discontinued) and CRSW - TSN Paradise Soap, 6oz with apx 80%+ remaining. I do not recall the MSRP on this one. Presently, CRSW sells their v.2, 4oz soaps for $16.50. This is discontinued and larger (albeit used). In any event, I'd like to sell this lot for $45 including shipping via USPS first class.

Lot 3: XPEC Unscented ASB. Used less than 5x. MSRP is $65. I'll sell this for $30 plus shipping of $5 (1st class) or $7 Priority.

Buy all three lots for $75 shipped!

[Image: O49UErr.jpg]

Chazz Reinhold HOF
That SDP Cremoso is very nice! GLWTS!
Lot 2 SPF.
Lot 2 available. Buyer flaked.

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