DFS Horizon Collaboration with Black Mountain Shaving. Going live on 11/17/23. Read more here!!

PRICES ARE Going [Image: 26beee3837eb9404348a45797683e766.jpg]
Getting rid of stuff that’s just collecting dust in a Tupperware in the closet
-Paladin PK47 28mm in polished juma laguna- $225 NOW $180
-Declaration grooming B4 Washington Vastness-$300 now $250
-Razorock Hawk V3 with custom titanium handle with $100 worth of blades and a elite razor two band brush- $200 now $170
-Brand New above the tie Aluminum red anodized/ ALRH with a calypso handle and an elite razor HMW brush. This ATT is unobtainable now- $160 now $140
If you think I’m a little off on the prices shoot me a pm
INTERNATIONAL PAYS ACTUAL[Image: 0cad3711f2cd76aeb51ff1912332d07e.jpg]
[Image: e08fce7544a1311309f74668000aaa4d.jpg]
[Image: baac19b1e3ac5c873c3b3cdfe60e9862.jpg]
[Image: 9b3dcd0aecc51d7d6a1e5563994ad2a3.jpg]
[Image: 313af606b320b98191c05f7c2ae0a375.jpg]
[Image: 916fc2edc9c20530498ff7110e38fa67.jpg]
[Image: b89d4a61f481d44b67fcec57847d8295.jpg]

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Buy with confidence great seller !! Great prices too !

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