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Hello all! Got a few sets for sale, a few solo items and some freebies to offer with each purchase (first come first serve).
All prices include Conus ground shipping. Soaps are at least 75-90% full and were always rinsed clean and dried after each use. Pm with any questions, thanks!

Phoenix artisan Coconut Oud set *SOLD*
[Image: VlGk4w5.jpg]

Phoenix artisan Enigma Machine set $20
[Image: zogeNsp.jpg]

Chiseled Face Banana set $20
[Image: CIqrIaX.jpg]

Phoenix Artisan Organism 46-B soap *SOLD*
[Image: 2i0g1Rk.jpg]

Chatillon Lux Blackberry Blossom Bay splash *SOLD*
[Image: LKgrpq9.jpg]
[Image: DlIjJ5l.jpg]

B&M Night Music splash *SOLD*
[Image: XJjjh8i.jpg]

Freebies. Pick 2 with each set purchase, or 1 with single item (Club Cola, Steeplechase gone)
[Image: 5UZpANe.jpg][Image: 4DheE5D.jpg][Image: kYZV3be.jpg][Image: 1xl8DBI.jpg]
Pm sent
PM sent

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Pms replied to and sold items marked as such. Wow that BBB splash is popular!
Two sets remain: Phoenix Enigma machine and Chiseled Face Banana. I'll give both up for $30 shipped
To the top once more please. 2 sets remain

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