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Selling my RR Baby Smooth. It is in great condition, but I would rather wait for the Stealth Slant. $115 shipped.

Also, there is my Crown King "Suave" 26mm Synthetic Brush. It has only been used twice, and comes with the original box. I find myself using my silver tip all of the time instead. $25 shipped.

If you want both products, I will sell both for $130 shipped (firm). PayPal & Friends only. Thanks gents.

*I have a Gillette Slim that I would be willing to trade for a FatBoy, or I'll sell it for $50 shipped (not pictured). It is an I-2.*

[Image: qPYtSvl.jpg]
[Image: dTyiCra.jpg]
[Image: aQcZ9nw.jpg]

[Image: bzGBkur.jpg]
[Image: JfUgkHv.jpg]

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