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Conus only.Paypal or Venmo.Prices include shipping fees.

1.WITHDRAWN Pils razor. Has some discoloration , I have no idea what happened to it.Check pics and I'm sure it can be removed but I don't have the patience to do so.Due to that , asking 105 dollars

2.SOLD.Muhle Rocca R96 v 3.0 Shaves smoothly but so efficient.I have 2 of this and I can let this one go.Asking  70 dollars for it 

3.Rooney Stubby 3 brush.This is a collectors brush.Rooney Stubby 3 , with the 3 rings and from 2009 , bought to Vintage Blades store.

3 band hair and made by the great Lee Sabini. 28 mm knot and 50 mm loft.

Ultra packed with quality 3 band hair.This is a great brush indeed to all who appreciate the good craftsmanship of a Rooney brush.

I haven't used this for years but It used to loose a hair here and there due to the extra dense knot 

Asking 210 dollars for it.

[Image: ZsKOx0C.jpg]

[Image: djrD0w6.jpg]

[Image: 5Y9sW5j.jpg]

[Image: nQhsndy.jpg]

[Image: PCmNd6N.jpg]

[Image: hdHyEUb.jpg]

[Image: WM1b9Mg.jpg]

[Image: gs5XnLE.jpg]

[Image: 09LdD4P.jpg]

[Image: qv3jo1t.jpg]

[Image: fVJVe01.jpg]

[Image: LJntEea.jpg]

Thanks for looking

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How can you tell that the rocca is version 3

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