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Looking to sell a few like new shave items.

SOLD First is the new 2024 Rocnel stainless steel Sailor with box. I used it twice. I wanted to give this one another go but I can’t use the higher settings. With box. $325 shipped. SOLD

Shavemac Olive Wood brush with 26mm Shavemac synthetic bulb knot. No box. Lots of backbone. $75 shipped.

Shavemac Ebonite brush with 26mm Shavemac synthetic bulb knot. No box. $75 shipped.

Chisel & Hound Eclipse brush with V23 26mm Fanchurian knot. Used 3 times. Comes with box. $250 shipped

SOLD Stando copper razor. This is an aggressive model, Lezly serial number 4. With box. $125 shipped. SOLD

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Sent you a PM on the Sailor.

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Folks, I can attest to the great condition of the items and an awesome person to transact with who ships promptly with a little something extra and ensures an all around smooth transaction.

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Brushes still available

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