Homelike Shaving Start DE Razor DFS Raffle. Read more here!!

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Trying to clear out a few things today. 

First up, Rex Ambassador, Date Code O1. Perfect condition. $195 Shipped SOLD

Semogue Brushbutt /r/wetshaving limited, number 2/100. $50 Shipped

Declaration B4 in Elite hybrid handle. $165 Shipped  SOLD

M&F Blonde Badger, L7, 26mm, American Butterscotch. $100 Shipped.   SOLD

[Image: lxi3jpG.jpg]
[Image: YyFUCS4.jpg]
[Image: aQi4scT.jpg]
[Image: xDZlP4c.jpg]
[Image: Gy2SrI9.jpg]
[Image: PL6pg8V.jpg]
[Image: b16HD7U.jpg]
[Image: kpAa9fK.jpg]
[Image: q8ZKs6p.jpg]
No. Lol I was just trying to contact you about the B4 and MF. Bad luck and timing on my part.

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