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Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all well! 

I have some brushes to sell! All have very little use on them, used just a couple of times. 

1. West Coast Shaving Infinity brush, 26mm- $65 $60

2. Matt Marting brush, I think it’s a 24mm silvertip- $50 $45

3. Elite Razors, 26mm, 2-band Manchurian knot- $60

4. RazoRock Extra Chubby silvertip badger 27mm or 28mm- $50 $45

5. KShave Worx 1 year anniversary brush, game changer knot- $48  $43

6. Wild West Brushworks, cashmere synthetic- $45  $40

I use PayPal. If you are outside the US I ask that you please cover shipping costs. Shipping is included in the US. Message me please if interested or email me at Carryonsteadynow@gmail.com

Thank you! 

[Image: AKHLqjC.jpg][Image: Lfh7cKX.jpg][Image: DgprhDO.jpg][Image: sKNjAFs.jpg][Image: nc3BRyV.jpg][Image: XQTYCG5.jpg][Image: G4MJXNo.jpg][Image: vmfkuRD.jpg][Image: KmAyWZX.jpg][Image: YbB2SOX.jpg][Image: 22BeQuh.jpg][Image: bXoL8WE.jpg]

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Reduced prices on the brushes! Message me if interested

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Most of these brushes are still available if anyone’s interested

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