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Brand new, untouched two part stainless steel iKon open comb head (top cap and open comb deluxe base plate) on stainless steel OSS handle. No original packaging because it was a simple cardboard box that got discarded. Over time, stainless steel oxidizes and gets stained. Proprietary iKon B1 coating protects the stainless steel head from corrosion, oxidation and staining if exposed to water, soap and contact with blades. Retail: $130-135 at Amazon and at some other vendors when available. Asking $122.50/OBO NOW 117.50/OBO, shipped, CONUS. Photos show the stock B1 OC OSS razor picture (from maggardrazors.com) and the actual razor as well.
[Image: Z6hvv6l.jpg][Image: 1rC1AFC.jpg][Image: aL2AOQV.jpg][Image: ZssS53w.jpg]

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