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ONLY SELLING NON CONUS for logistics and logical sake

REDUCED PRICES again - no.3 Black & White ($60) and no.7 Honey/gold ($50) remaining. Top notch handles folks and somebody must be able to take care of them.

Here are a handful of Turn 'N Shave handles for sale. All of them are new and exactly as when bought from Milton and have been stored away in waiting for being knotted.

All besides one are customs that I was lucky to get my hand on before Miltons waitlist got too full as all other artisan lists these days. My idea when I bought them was a lil thought of fitting certain shaving soaps and aftershaves as a kind of "theme". As for example the "proraso" handle.

But as time went by and certainly more than expected, it is so that I won't have the time for such anymore and therefore selling of a lot of my collection including these.

I send along some synthetic knots with some of the brushes and leaves it up to the buyer to chose to set that one in the brush, or perhaps do them even better justice by asking Milton at Turn N' Shave to put one of his hand tied ones in it. Most are drilled a little extra deep by request, so there's more freedom to adjust loft setting.

The messurments is in each brush description below. These synths are Miltons own that he sells.

The red/black handle I bought together with another, and as Milton was out of coins and were waiting for his new batch that had been stalled in deliverance for some reason. After some waiting I chosed to not wait anylonger and gave it an ok to come without coin or signing. For this I have adjusted the price.

The yellow one is a handle from Miltons earlier days before he was as renowned as he is today. His skills was certainly as good back then and he surely deserve his name as an artisan. Back then he had just started to think about the coin so none in this one either.  Price adjusted for so.

 It was hard for me to set the pricing so I've been moderate and based it on what a handle from him would cost today, IF even being lucky to grab one in his rare releases. In other ways, very rare and hard to get handles. A new handle from him today, and then it's not a custom, is around $150 and upwards, and as these handles are new I think I'm pretty spot on seen to other ones sold as used.

 The synthetic knots are new them too and have just been unpacked  for these pictures. I will wash them with neutral shaving soap before packing. 

 This is your chance to get yourself one of Miltons creations and not having to dig out some old knot and all that fuzz. 

 I send the handle within a couple of days from payment and it's PayPal g&s or bank transfer that's used. I send to more or less anywhere in the world.

 Each handle comes well protected and padded in bubble wrap in a small box inside an as well protected/padded larger outer box. Sent with trackeble Post from Sweden and I will ask for $8,50 P&P to US so it's fair for us all. It actually costs me around $12,50 to US and a bit more to Europe. To Europe or any other part of the world and I may adjust P&P depending on where, but we discuss that if so. Of course I pack together if someone buy more than one thing from me.

I can be open to price ideas if they are reasonable, and that or other questions we take in PM. I can't sit here 24/7 so of course I will let the one who first showned interest be the one who gets the chance to buy it first. Fair and square

Here's the brushes, and I'll update if something gets sold. 

 1. TURN 'N SHAVE  Proraso theme, for 24-26mm knot. Comes with a new 24mm Angel knot                                               -   $85               SOLD!
 2. TURN 'N SHAVE  green/black, for 24-26mm knot. Comes with a 24mm Boss knot                                                           -   $85               SOLD!
 3. TURN 'N SHAVE  black pearl/white, for 24-27mm knot. Including a 26mm Turn' n Shave tuxedo  $80   New price $75     NEW PRICE :  $60  
 4. TURN' N SHAVE  Copper swirl/black for 24-26mm knot.                                                                                                         -  $80               SOLD!
 5. TURN' N SHAVE  Red swirl/black for 24-26mm knot. Comes with a 24mm Boss knot                                                      -  $75               SOLD!
 6. TURN' N SHAVE  Purple swirl/black for 26-28mm knot.                                                                                                          -  $75               SOLD!    
 7. TURN' N SHAVE  Yellow/gold swirl/black for 30mm knot    $65    New price $60                                                          NEW PRICE :  $50

Pictures -

 Collection of sale and not in numerical order
[Image: 1WMwxC6.jpg]
[Image: 7WntvjV.jpg]

[Image: n1zzHCX.jpg]
[Image: HKJsCwX.jpg]

[Image: dtJ8no6.jpg]
[Image: OMMmgWz.jpg]
[Image: 8MMtFsf.jpg]SOLD!

[Image: GNBtjp9.jpg]
[Image: YdX3buf.jpg]
[Image: eHuBnhw.jpeg]Drillings  W- 28,5 mm  D- 19,5 mm             NEW PRICE $75

[Image: UDNK1zD.jpg]
SOLD![Image: Xa83xcv.jpg][Image: ofEdG9d.jpg]

[Image: 5jp2waS.jpg]
[Image: lJ5S1tU.jpg]
[Image: NNG7m4n.jpg]

[Image: pItWrd7.jpg][Image: pAyW0XR.jpg]

7.[Image: 3iGoRv7.jpg]
[Image: FcT4o46.jpg]

Drillings -      W 33mm   D 25mm    NEW PRICE $60

Thanks for looking......

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