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Another unused brush from my collection that has to go due to me moving abroad in short and needs to thin out the "luggage".

 I ordered this as a custom from Derek and as just a handle from the start, but as I had never tested the "new synths" I asked him to put this 24mm tuxedo into it. BUT it's set with marine silicone as I was sure that I would put a badger knot in it later and therefore be able to remove the tuxedo as easy as possible.
 Came to be that I never even tested this knot and never changed to a badger either. A wonderful handle from Derek and he needs no presentation here I'm sure.
It has been stored away as protected as all my other collection, away from heat and sunshine.

 I will wash the knot with neutral shaving soap before I send it, just for the "sanitation idea".

 My asking price is $60  Reduced price - $55

  I will post the brush within two days from registred payment on my PayPal account.
 Shipped very well padded in bubble wrap in smaller box, and then put in an as well protected larger box.

 Trackable shipping from Sweden and I ask for $7 in P&P to US. My actual cost is about $12+ so I think that's fair to everyone. To Europe it differs due to what country and adjusted hereby if so. I send to most of the world and the details we take in PM.

[Image: x7P2Vz9.jpg]
[Image: 2la7nOL.jpg]

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Bump because of lowered price.

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