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Coupe Chou - Straight Razor - Rasiermesser

Straight razor in figured damascus, cutting edge in high alloy nickel steel, tip similar to barber's notch, micarta handle.

The figured damascus is made with a particular and complex technique of repeated processing that gives the blade an intrinsic design and throughout the thickness of the steel, a technique that has nothing to do with engraving, but which is produced exclusively with methods of forging.

This blade is a 7/8, tip that recalls the barber's notch, damascus figured with carbon and nickel steels, cutting edge reported in high alloy nickel steel. Coloring in a salt bath.

The micarta handle and a finely carved box embellish the blade.

An important piece, for true amateurs and collectors!

I'm offering it  for € 2.100,00  € 1.900,00 shipped Europe, for USA some more coins.

The price is non-negotiable.  I will ship within 24/48 hours (working days) of receiving payment.

A clarification (for correctness): due to a misunderstanding occurred in the past on another Forum, I was returned a razor not quite in the state in which I had shipped it and the buyer claimed that I shipped the razor in that state.Too bad that on that forum the buyer was quite "known" for these performances.

Moral: I do not like and do not accept returns. If you don't agree, no problem, just ignore this thread.

[Image: MnEKACx.jpg][Image: d8FRJCw.jpg][Image: vIYU3UX.jpg][Image: hfnta4M.jpg][Image: PFQezdd.jpg][Image: ABIRoeL.jpg][Image: fP0PDcO.jpg][Image: mUB5hMV.jpg]

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Never Call Your Broker On Monday.
Who's the maker?
An italian forger, L. Pizzi, and I am the only owner of this razor.
Never Call Your Broker On Monday.
Is the L for Luca?
Yes, Luca Pizzi
Never Call Your Broker On Monday.
Absolutely stunning. I’ve not seen anything like that.

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Merry Christmas everyone

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Never Call Your Broker On Monday.
Never Call Your Broker On Monday.
Price reduction.
Never Call Your Broker On Monday.
Dedicated to those who missed the sale notice, I apologize to all the other friends of the forum :-)
Never Call Your Broker On Monday.

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