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Looking to sell two items.  First is a bronze  wm with scalloped cap,  1.0 gap, wrh7 handle,  and polished finish.  Gorgeous razor.  Looking for $410 shipped conus.

Second is a 10/8 Roman's straight razor, eva model.  Shortened cutting edge to about 2.5", full hollow grind with translucent blue scales.  Shaves like a dream and only used twice. I found 9/8 is the biggest I like to go.  Looking for $300 shipped conus. Will ship either razor internationally but you'll have to kick in for shipping fees.[Image: uSIxsgx.jpg][Image: G8yjQrK.jpg][Image: PZWKLPg.jpg][Image: kmDCetk.jpg][Image: Sn45ifb.jpg][Image: hwUDF4b.jpg][Image: KXMB2DR.jpg][Image: wkysJSK.jpg][Image: URmy1nP.jpg]

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That bronze WR2 is beautiful! GLWS.

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Open to reasonable offers
Drop to $325
Drop to $300. Dirt cheap for a polished full hollow 10/8

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