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For sale are the following razors from left to right in the picture.  I will list starting prices and what they come with.  All prices are negotiable and bundle deals can be negotiated as well.  Private message me with inquiries.  I will include the cheapest USPS shipping to United States addresses only with the purchase.  I will only send invoices through PayPal for payment.  As soon as I receive payment, I will send the razor(s) as soon as possible.  Serious inquiries only.  I don’t like to play games and I will be up front and honest about everything that I can.  Just check out my seller reviews, I have had very positive experiences with selling on DFS.  Thank you!  Here is the list:

Rocnel Sailor 2022 edition with stand- $350 SOLD

Above the tie X1 with stand (both full polish)- $400 SOLD

Above the tie S1 slant bar safety razor with stand and S2 plate (full polish) - $300

Above the tie SSH safety bar razor with stand and SSRH plate (full polish) - $300

Rex supply CO sentry slant with smooth stand (machine finish)- $175

Rex supply CO Konsul adjustable slant with knurled stand (machine finish) - $300

Rex supply CO ambassador adjustable razor with knurled stand (machine finish) - $275

Rex supply CO travel case (standard size, will fit all of the Rex supply razors listed) - $50

Barbaros TR-3 open comb SS razor with box - $150 SOLD

Ikon Slant razor with stand - $50

Karve Christopher Bradley in brass with stand, gladius handle, copper tip handle, open comb G plate, F plate, and closed comb G plate - $175 SOLD

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Plate ATT with holes intersted separately.

Chester County, PA
(05-14-2024, 05:58 PM)fadeev Wrote: Plate ATT with holes intersted separately.

So PM him

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Pm sent

Mike Distress
New Jersey
    Mookieb1 received the package this morning, doing an unboxing video almost as we speak! Thanks!
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