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Vintage Razors for sale
Clearing out some of my collection. These are razors that I dont reach for anymore and thought I would move them along. I can provide additional photos. Please dont hesitate to pm any questions

 Shipping is $8 conus for individuals and at cost for international. I will combine shipping and will be at cost.

Gibbs Adjustable - $175
Razor looks great with minor paint wear to numbers. Missing red inidcator bead. Plate wear on inner cap. Comes with both blade banks and unused blades. Also comes with plastic inner blade inserts that help align blades. Case looks good with minor wear on exterior

Gillette Double Ring. $150
Razor is a frakenrazor. The razor was originally only cap and base that missing handle and barrel. Cap was switched out due to stripped threads. The handle, barrel, and cap are from a donor single ring. Bent teeth and this razor is aggressive!

Gillette OC Silver Aristocrat - $175
Razor looks good with minimal plating wear on handle and tto knob. Case lookds good and snaps shut.

Gillette Popular - $175
Razor was replated and looks good. Case looks really good as well with minor plate wear on lid. Lid doesnt have the snap shut anymore but opens and closes fine.

Le Coq cage - $75
Razor has some issues. Cap is potmetal and you can see under the chrome bubbling. The original handle was destroyed by corrosion and was in pieces. I paired it with a probak handle which fits in the case and like it better. Case looks great with a little surface rust on hinges. Case closes with the snap and as it should

Gillette Bulldogs - $75 each
Both razors have cracks that have been soldered. One razor the silver plating is wearing. The other appears to be nickel but both overall user grade.

Gillette Sheraton - $65
Some plate wear but mostly intact. Some discoloration on handle. Case has some wear on the exterior but displays well and case snaps shut as it should.

Ronson - $50 - sold
Razor looks good shaves great. Case has some wear and is Missing blade bank.

Dehaven Diplomat- $60
Razor looks amazing and the case looks great too. I never used it so cant attest to shaving.

Star razor - $50
Razor looks good and shaves great with standard gem blade. Missing original blade and strop handle extension. Case looks good with some graphic fading.

Gibbs razor - $50 sold
Rasor looks good. Case looks good with blade case and instructions. Blades are sealed and nos.

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