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Time to clean up a bit. 
Looking to sell but would trade for the following...
Wald, Varlet, Black Eagle, Timor blades, 26mm knots

Blackland Sabre Level 2 w/stand, polished w/box - $190
PAA Ascension, no box - $35
Timeless SS Polished w/stand, OC and SB plates, scalloped cap w/box , .95 gap- $225 SOLD!
WR2 1.15 basic polish w/hollow handle and box - $350 SOLD!
Wolfman matte stand - $60 SOLD!
Rex Envoy XL, no box - $125

Brushes - all synthetic.  one for $45, 2 for $75
top row - 1st 3 are shavemac, last is Elite.  Blue Shavemac sold
bottom row - Il Marchese, 2 Omega Evo - Evo's are sold
no boxes for the brushes

[Image: FiQeue5.jpg]

[Image: om6CDaw.jpg]

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