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Doing a little den clearing.
Shipping is $5 in the US for one item, free if you buy more than one item.
International to pay exact shipping.

[Image: QVMVewk.jpg]

Q Shave - $10
Asylum Evolution DE - $95 SOLD!
Colonial General Aluminum SE - $45
Ikon SBS - $25 SOLD!
Gillette Flair Tip - $6
Merkur Bakelite w/case -$12
Gem NOS - $18 SOLD!

[Image: 0P4j4xy.jpg]

Classic Shaving 28mm - $15
Classic Shaving 22mm - $10
Picadilly Shaving 22mm - $10
Zenith 2 band ST 24mm - $15

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i'm open to offers and trades.
a couple sold, plenty left!

Shave Maharaja
PM sent for a few items

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And they told me "try wet shaving, it saves money!" Big Grin

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