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I am putting my Razorock Slant Collection up for sale. I have so many DE razors and they do not see any use. Smile

Ok, I have decided to split the collection up. All are in Like New/Mint condition. I will consider trades.

Prices  include shipping and Paypal fees.

PM me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

1) Stealth Slant Aluminum V1. It is my understanding that there were only 50 of these ever produced. Ironically, this is the absolute best shaver of the lot. - $250 - $225
[Image: zWyeUjF.jpg]
[Image: KIePaV7.jpg]
[Image: Y4ay6Fc.jpg]
[Image: duLRlrI.jpg]

2) Stealth Slant Aluminum V2 - $125 - $115
[Image: z0kOoIp.jpg]
[Image: gy5TJ48.jpg]
[Image: 3vDeDOw.jpg]

3) Stealth Slant Aluminum V2 Kiyara - 145.00 - $130
[Image: fQvhKfb.jpg]
[Image: UFi12t6.jpg]
[Image: 9zvb9zk.jpg]

4) Stealth Slant Aluminum V3 - $100 - $85
[Image: 7zTIB9K.jpg]
[Image: pUXZG1E.jpg]
[Image: EYF9I3S.jpg]

5) Stealth Slant DLC Stainless Steel - $225 - SOLD

6) Stealth Slant Stainless Steel (This is truly a stunning piece!)- $200 - $175 - SOLD
[Image: LzPsaPE.jpg]
[Image: U9uFaKk.jpg]
[Image: X2oFTDa.jpg]

7) Wunderbar - $135 -SOLD
[Image: 3iWFzl1.jpg]
[Image: i0PfcnZ.jpg]
[Image: cAeROZl.jpg]

8) Limited Edition Wunderbar DLC with Polished Titanium Handle (STUNNING!) - $225 - SOLD

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GLWTS these are great razors, not a lemon in the bunch!
Updated the photos for more detail. All of these razors are in MINT condition as pictured.
BUMP w/ price reductions.

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