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The items below are all brand new and are "leftovers" from a previous lot, all of which sold except for the following items seen below, which is why I'm reducing the price (nearly 50% off!!). 

Please buy with confidence... Refer to my positive feedback as well as my photos above (FYI... When referring to the photos above please understand that they were taken of the entire lot.... But only the items listed below are currently available for sale).

Soaps: brand new/never lathered

1) PAA- Black Tea, 8oz tin- $12 (this scent is being discontinued by PAA )
2) HTGAM- Unscented, 8oz tin- $12 (this is/has been discontinued).

Aftershave/Cologne: new full bottles 

1) PAA- ie $17 (this is being discontinued by PAA) 
2) PAA- Dirty Cupcake/Vetiver $17 (this is also being discontinued)
3) PAA- Sk-8 Shop $17 (also being discontinued) 
4) PAA- Daily Driver Serum $6

Edt/Cologne: Brand new & in the box

1) Loccitane- CADE Edt/Cologne $33

If interested in anything please send me a private message. Free shipping anytime you spend $23 or more. Keep in mind it was just announced that most of these items are being discontinued by PAA, so get them while you still can! Also, despite being brand new I am selling most of these items at approximately 50% off!! 

Thank you!

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