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Up for sale today is a British Aristocrat #58, 1956. The razor looks like new. However, there are a few scratches on one of the doors (visible in photos). In addition, the doors are not completely synchronous. They open up and close fully just fine but one door is a tad lazier. Recently, I got a newly replated double. Otherwise, I would never part with this razor that shaves wonderfully (as expected from British Aristocrats) and is a looker. There is an original 1956 case with loop. The case is in fair shape but is not a looker. Asking NOW $115/OBO. Please, add $6.45 for Priority Mail shipping CONUS. I will also include 10 antique razor blades, so you would be capable of comparing Voskhod, Gillette Silver Blue and Super-Iridiums with the blades used by our grandfathers.To sweeten the deal further, I also include two very lightly used pure badger brushes (in a $15-20 range each) in this package. [Image: PhAwNQj.jpg][Image: RbjjI92.jpg][Image: D8X4qZG.jpg][Image: 86DROAp.jpg][Image: pRl0P64.jpg][Image: KqN1Ty7.jpg][Image: 7waCm0a.jpg]
Did you take all the plating off of this>?
Good Luck Blush
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What do you mean? The plating is original and I did not take off any plating.
(02-04-2016, 09:05 PM)sbpdiscovery Wrote: What do you mean? The plating is original and I did not take off any plating.

I read your post to fast my fault. "British" would explain the silver color and not gold... my fault.
Additional antique blades and badger brushes included in the packages.
FINAL PRICE REDUCTION - NOW $115 for razor, case, razor blades and two badger brushes

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