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Hello all,

Please PM with questions or if you want to purchase anything!

Rudy Vey chubby style butterscotch brush with 24mm TGN best badger knot. Loft is 51/52. Lightly used. 50 Shipped!
[Image: U2j9Grc.jpg]
[Image: ilElbsP.jpg]

Rudy Vey black rover brush with 26mm manchurian knot. Loft is 51/52. Lightly used. Mark on the bottom is how I received the brush. 60 Shipped!
[Image: uSnHw2J.jpg]
[Image: o7MpTJp.jpg]

K Shaveworx 24mm synthetic brush. Used 2x. The knot was put in slightly crooked as shown in the photo. Doesn't really effect performance. 15 Shipped!
[Image: hb7zxnx.jpg]

Feather DE blades Around 53 in total. One is open but contains all ten blades and one is open that has around 6. The rest are sealed! 12 shipped!
[Image: UnD9oEZ.jpg]

Feather Pro & pro guard blades. Around 30 feather pro blades. That is a low estimate. Feather pro guard has 14 blades left. SOLD
[Image: rGWLkce.jpg]

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Bump for price drops
Where is the knot in the Rover brush from?

Both this Rudy Vey brushes look great.
Shave yourself.
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Rudy told me they were special manchurian knots that he did not source a lot of. He told me he personally liked them and recommended that I try them.

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I wish I had the dough.

It's a great looking brush. Knot and handle both.
Shave yourself.
They are both great brushes!
Bump for the weekend!
Final bump!

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